Our teaching method

At International House we use up to date communicative teaching methods based on real life situations. Our method might be totally different from what you have experienced before so it is advisable to spend some time reading what we think about teaching and learning.

Vegyes-nemzetiségű-diákokOur experienced teachers apply a wide range of tasks and methods in order to enliven your English knowledge:

  • Multiple and varied materials
  • Group and pair work
  • Printed materials: video, tape recordings, and other multimedia tools
  • Real life materials: newspapers, magazines, TV programmes etc.
  • Riddles, questionnaires, case studies
  • Debate topics, simulations, role-plays, communicative tasks
  • Learning strategies: ideas and skills that help you to study more efficiently

We think that teaching is the most effective if:

  • The students are active, they talk, debate and don’t just listen
  • They face challenges and meet new problems while moving forward.
  • They are motivated, they learn what they want to learn through modern and useful topics and tasks

We hope that your course is what you were looking for

If not, please help us solve the problem. Don’t hesitate to talk to your teacher, they might be able to help you.

If not, contact our colleagues at customer service or get in touch with the Director of Studies.

Don’t forget! We can help you.