Young Learners English Courses in Buda

Communication-focussed face-to-face English courses for students aged 6-12 in the school year

Every school year is a new beginning and opportunity for learning new skills, or even new languages. During the school year, we tailor our courses to our students’ needs which, building new and solid foundations through tematic and interactive teaching, helps students achieve their goals.  Language learning is a social experience, so our lessons focus on communication and cooperation among students which culminate in thematic project work during the course.

Why should you choose our Young Learners language courses? 

You are in the focus

Our groups have a maximum of 7 students, so you always have the time and attention you need.

Enjoyable and interactive methodology

Our school-year courses are based on the tenets of modern and communication-focussed language teaching. Our lessons build on multiple types of knowledge and skills, and allow every student to find what they enjoy doing: developing presentation skills, taking part in Oxford-style debates, discussing current topics, or the community experience of taking part and leading projects.

Flexibility even during the school year

Our courses are topic-based: we explore exciting new themes each month. While some of these might pop up at exams, we also delve into topics which feature in current and contemporary conversations (e.g., self-driving cars, sustainable development, etc.). The structure of our courses allows for students to join us anytime, and complete multiple courses without repeating the materials.

Tangible progress

You will receive a certificate after each course you complete, including the level you achieve and the themes you attend. You can show this at home, or even to your teachers at the end of each course.



When does the first course start and how long is the whole course? 

The first course starts during the week commencing 30th 01. 2023, and will run up 14th 06 2023 (the end of the first school semester)


Is there a minimum level to join the course? 

The courses start at Elementary (A1) level but we can organise groups for complete beginners if there are at least 3 students interested. 


Where appropriate, our courses might also involve combining levels, which allows students to communicate with others whose language levels are different from theirs.  


What are the age groups for these courses?  

We encourage students who just started school, and those up to age 12. The age groups are a little flexible, so please let us know if you are interested in applying for the course or want to find out about other options. 


Should I sign up for multiple courses?

Yes, because students explore a different topic every month on our 35 and 70-hour modules, and they do not repeat materials.


Can I join even after the course start dates?

Yes! We process applications each week up to Tuesday but recommend that learners join us for as long as they can, so they can take part in every lesson and every project.

Further details:

35 X 60-minute courses 70 X 45-minute courses
Frequency: Two days a week, 1 X 60 minutes each lesson Two days a week, 2 X 45 minutes each lesson
Venue: 26 Retek utca, Budapest, 1024 26 Retek utca, Budapest, 1024
Timetable: Between 16:00-18:00, depending on student needs Between 16:00-18:00, depending on student needs
Course fees: 91 000 HUF 140 000 HUF

  - 5%: If you have studied with us before.
 - 5%: If you enroll multiple students at the same time.
 Discounts can be combined.


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