English Winter Camp for students aged 8-16, face-to-face lessons

Winter holidays are all about the well-deserved break, entertainment, preparations for the next calendar year and new year’s resolutions. In our winter camps, these four are combined with learning English. Students cover new, varied, and exciting topics this week, like Science, Futurology, and even Media. On top of language practice linked to the weekly theme, you can hone your presentation skills, take part in inspiring debates, and show off the project that you have worked on during the week.

Why should you choose the IH English winter camp?

English Winter Camp for students aged 8-16, face-to-face lessons

Our groups have a maximum of 7 students, so you always have the time and attention you need.

Enjoyable and interactive methodology

Our winter courses were inspired by today’s modern camps: the lessons build on and develop multi- skills and give every student a chance to find something they will love, whether these are the skills required in an Oxford-style debate, case studies from current events, or co-operative success in taking part and managing a project team.

Flexibility for the winter

Our courses are theme-based: we work with exciting new topics in each level, which you can find at the bottom of the page. This structure allows you to join us for even a whole day without repeating any materials.

Tangible progress

You will receive a certificate after each course you complete, including the level you achieve and the themes you attend. You can show this at home, or even to your teachers in the new academic semester.


Sample timetable:

Advanced – Future week Session 1:
09:00 – 09:45
Session 2:
09:45 – 10:30
Session 3:
10:45 – 11:30
Session 4:
11:30 – 12:15
Monday Language practice: How can we talk about the future? Language practice: What do you think will happen in the future? Soft skills: Talking about uncertainties (Presentation skills) My group future project lesson 1 – Project introduction
Tuesday Language practice Case study: What does the job of a Futurist look like? Case Study: What Science Fiction taught us about Time travel. From Star Trek/Wars to Marvel Project lesson 2: Project research
Wednesday Language practice Language practice Debate Skills: Convincing the others and defending our ideas Project lesson 3: Assembling your project
Thursday Language practice Language practice Debate club: Should time travel be legal? Project lesson 4: Writing up your project
Friday Language practice Language practice Project presentation practice and rehearsal Project presentation and certificates for the week

What themes will we cover during the week?*

*The exact topics will be confirmed during the week and will match the level of each group.

Further details:

Half-day course: Monday-Friday morning, 4 x 45 minutes language lessons per day
Full-day course: Half-day course plus and afternoon activities
Location: 1024 Budapest, Retek utca 26.
Timetable half-day: 9:00-12:15 (with breaks)
Timetable full-day: 9:00-17:00 (with breaks and lunch)
Course fees half-day: 60 000 Ft / week / student – introductory offer available with BLACKFRIDAY15 Coupon
Course fees full-day: 80 000 Ft / week / student – introductory offer available with BLACKFRIDAY15 Coupon



Why is IH’s Winter Camp in January?
Following current guidelines and regulations, we would like to offer help to parents with taking care of their children, and help children spend the winter break in a useful and meaningful way.

What levels are our courses?
  • For Juniors (8-11): elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate
  • For Teens (12+): pre-intermediate, upper-intermediate, advanced
Depending on interest, some levels might be combined, which allows students to communicate with students at a slightly different level, as well.

What age groups can apply?
Starting from school age, we welcome students up to the age of 16. We offer some flexibility with ages, so please get in touch.

Is there a full-day option?
Absolutely! Our half-day camp includes 20X45 minutes of tuition, while our full-day programme offers 20X45 minutes of tuition and the same amount of English activities (e.g., making a short movie in English). On top of our full-day option, we also offer lunch provision (at additional cost).

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