Private lessons

Many students at different levels, from beginner to advanced, choose our private courses. If you want to take a language or Matura exam, go for a job interview, apply for university abroad or just improve your language skills for work, our private courses at IH Budapest can help you face these challenges more confidently.

Why should you choose private lessons at IH Budapest?

Full focus on you
You and your language aims are in the centre of our full attention. If you want to utilize your strengths or improve your skills to a higher level-We are here for you to give you a helping hand.


Lessons based on your personal needs
Do you have only 90 minutes a week for English, or would you like to learn 60 minutes every weekday? Do you want to choose the coursebook or the days of your lessons? Shall it be an online lesson or do you prefer meeting in person?  Your can choose from many different options, and we provide solutions for your needs. Our teachers are ready to help you make your decisions and give you advice during the first lesson, if you have more questions.


Your success is our mutual aim
We test and analyse your English level, and discuss your aims of language learning with you. We organize your learning and present you a program that is the most suitable for your goals.


Not only English lessons
You can have private lessons in German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish and other languages.


Our prices

The prices are personalized and depend on the length of the lesson (60 or 90 minutes), chosen language and level of intensity.
Please, get in touch with our colleague by clicking the JOIN button and we will send an email in 24 hours. You can also call us on +36 30 575 4078 and confer your data with a short conversation.


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