DELE Intermedio B2 exam preparation courses in person and online

Did you know that the DELE (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera) is the only internationally recognised Spanish language exam? Whether you need the DELE exam for work or for higher education, our exam preparation courses will help you prepare effectively, so there are no surprises!

Why should I choose International House exam preparation courses?

Everything you need to pass the exam

Our exam preparation courses follow the components of the DELE exam closely, so you can learn and practice everything you need to do your best.

Continuous feedback from our preparation teachers

Throughout the course you will receive continuous feedback on how you are developing, how you can make the most out of the course and what you can do to improve more.

An intensive course to immerse yourself in Spanish

The 60-hour semi intensive course runs for 6.5 weeks, Monday to Friday, 3x3 per week.

DELE B2 exam dates:

Written: May 2023., July 2023, November 2023
Oral: May 2023., July 2023, November 2023
Course start: 03. 2023, 05. 2023, 09. 2023

Further details

Number of lessons: 60 lessons (45 minutes / lesson)
Duration: 3 weeks
Regularity: 3 times a week, 3X45 minutes
Time slots: 9.00-19.00
Course fee: 100 000 HUF
Course book: 10% discount on the price
Location: 63 Váci street, 1056 Budapest


 - 5% Returning discount
Have you been our student before? Join this course and we will cut 5% off of the fee.

 - 5-5% Family-friend discount
Bring along a family member, friend or colleague, register together and you will both receive 5% discount.



What is the minimum entry level for the preparatory courses? 
A strong B2 (intermediate) level to get the most out of yourself and the course. If you are not at this level yet, we recommend that you join our summer intensive Spanish courses first, and then we look forward to welcoming you to the exam preparation course!  
How can I apply? 
 - Click on the Apply button,  
 - Fill in your contact details, 
 - Our colleagues will then contact you within 24 hours on working days. 


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